pic: You Know You're Addicted to FIRST when...

My iPod wasn’t complete without the FIRST treatment…

dayumn!.. that looks professional. I gotta do that to my pod.

runs, looking for iPod

how’d you do it? sticker?

wow very nice… lol

I got it from these guys.. I got these stickers from CompUSA that I could do on myown computer but they kept peeling off too easy. This skin is much tougher and seems like it’s going to stick much better. I’d highly recommend it.


I know what I’m going to do with my iPod…

…if I had one :frowning:

But this brings up the true question of how addicted Ed is…is that one of the FIRST anthems playing?

(ducks, covers, and hides)

I so have to do that for my Nano Ed…or i might just have to borrow your ipod and never give it back ^.^:)

But I know where you live, Casey.http://smilies.vidahost.com/contrib/ruinkai/evilgrinblack.gif

I would never poison my iPod with such lameness.
(goes back to listen to Ambrosia)

Very cool Ed!

For some reason I’m not surprised knowing Ed, but I do have to say I like it.