pic: You meet the strangest people in FIRST

One of these people is not like the others. Guess which one.

Well, that’s easy.
Jane Young.
She’s not strange at all. :ahh:

(Love the hair, Wayne.)

I’d have to say it’s Tom Johns there in the background…but on the other hand, Luke and Nathan seem to be the only normal people in the picture lol:D
They seem to be the only ones that would not draw attention while walking down the street.:rolleyes:

I might say Billfred, on the left, because he’s not in costume…
Was this taken at IRI, by any chance?

By the way…

I smell a caption contest in the making!

I would have to say Billfred - he’s the one wearing clothes that promote the team with which he’s affiliated - Jane is certainly sporting some exploding pig ears, and I distinctly espy a Fear the Hippo button on Wayne.

Yup, I’m sporting ears to promote the Kiss The Pig Contest that was a fundraiser at the IRI 2008 off season event. This had to have been on Friday because I’m wearing the ears. (Thanks for the loan, 1902.) I was going around checking out all the cool teams and their robots. It was a wonderful experience.

The fluidity of this picture is wonderful.:wink:

Jane isn’t drinking diet coke. :cool:
Thanks for playing folks…


Ut ohhhh. Someone is trying to be like Dustin.