pic: "You should never go against a robotics kid"

The video has been uploaded to YouTube!

We will probably take some better videos (ones where you can actually see the ball) over winter break. Also, we’ll try to take some at 240 fps (the max my camera can handle, though I think we need a higher frame rate) and slow it down.

Based on the testing data, you logically now need to put an infinite number of loops of tubing on it.

building on that, you may want to replace at least some of the wood with metal for durability reasons. (eventually, the wood or the metal will fail)

call discovery channel and get the guys at time warp


I’ve never heard of that show before and I just watch a bit of it at discovery.com. It’s really cool. We’ll see if we can get this on, and see how inefficient our release angle is!

Awesome. That definitely puts my Vex ping-pong ball launcher (but actually robot altitudinal booster :ahh: ) to shame. I wish we did stuff like that in my physics class. I third the recommendation to get it on Time Warp, that’s exactly the kind of thing they’d do. And you know you’ve done a good job on something when you’re the reason administrators try to ban it.

Haha, yeah. I head the teacher talking today, and he said that he wasn’t worried about safety with this particular catapult or the safety practices of the group, but in the future, who knows what dangerous contraptions less experienced groups would make, without proper safety training?

Any chance you would release the SolidWorks File

My Gift to u

yes i am trying to make it


Nice work on the CAD so far.

Just FYI, the vertical posts that are in the actual picture but not in the CAD is a safety feature added later in the design process. After the arm is pulled back, a bar goes through the two holes in the two upright bars. This is so that so while someone is hooking up the quick release, if the people holding the arm back accidentally let go, it won’t do a full swing.

I have an outdated .stp file. I’ll talk to Bannanakin, who has the most recent one.

Ours where a little bigger…

Great cad, you guys got skills. 500lbs!

If anyone wants the cad, they can private message me their email, or IM me on aim, and i’ll send the cad. I can send any format that solidworks 07 will create. I know it makes .step, .sldasm (of course), and .x_t. Those are the most common formats that I use.

I did it this is really cool… the animation of it swinging is spectacular :ahh:

In my physics class last year we did a similar project, but instead of baseballs we used water balloon. Its almost completely safe in terms of injury from the projectile. I was the only robotics student in the class and my group’s sling shot ended up setting the all time school record and put the water balloon around 135 m out.


That name has a certain cachet to it…:stuck_out_tongue:

I would have to disagree with you on the safety of a water balloon. A friend of mine took a hand thrown water balloon to the eye and, if I remember correctly, ended up with internal bleeding. It was not pretty.

sorry, idk if anyone actually already said that, but i think the proper term’s a trebuchet. lol…still pretty awesome.

yeah, we had a long discussion about it (see like the first 10 posts) just call it a “catachet”