pic: Your brain on FIRST

Seeing all the cool images, and photo effects with the recent caption contests, I was inspired to make an image dealing with one of Woodie's famous sayings.

"FIRST is like bling-bling for the brain" -Woodie Flowers

Now we know how much bling is involved with being involved with FIRST.
The bling gauge has been maxed out!

Are the colors divisions at Atlanta???

Curie has dibs on the medulla oblongata (controls autonomous functions)!

The red represents the creativity center that one uses to daydream about new designs for their robot either for the current or next year. This also includes offseason projects including vex ideas, and prototype drivetrains.

The Blue represents the part of the brain we spend thinking about other teams robots during scouting. This is why we are motivated to watch webcasts of other regionals during our weekends, and why we scout weeks in advance of our next competition coming up with new strategies to defeat opponents.

The Yellow is the promotional center of your brain coming up with new ways to get the name out of your team. This is why we drive to do community service, wake up at insane hours to give presentations, and how we think of new fund raiser ideas.

The Green is the wasted space of the brain we use to come up with new photoshopped pictures, caption contests, and the Next JVN joke.

I second that motion! :slight_smile:

Hmm… so… the truely creative FIRSTers are the ones who wear the forehead protectors in the pits? We can’t risk damaging our creativity now can we?


That’s totally cool! I love it!
Very nice job on the graphics.

FIRST is one of the greatest organizations created for mankind. :slight_smile:

There needs to be more green!!!

ahahah that’s so true! :smiley:

Where is the part of the brain used for thinking up how to build a robot for the water game next year.

Anyone find it odd that he posted this today? Don’t want to link, but do a search for today’s date on Google.

note, I don’t not support or do it, I just found it funny. Plus I’m on a college campus, so I have to deal with it

I am rather certain that would fall under green.