pic: Ypsilanti, MI Heritage Festival Robotics Tracks


Over at the festival, it was an idea to make some tracks leading to the tent out of chalk, and then we'll redo it with washable paint. It was approved by the committee running the event, and thus the tracks seen here were made.


What kind of tracks exactly?

I’m so lost, and I’m surprised no one commented on this yet asking the same thing.

Yup. Same here. :smiley:

I’ll find out tomorrow…

well, some of them are paw prints from 470’s dog mascot. The others, I have no idea. I think most of us teams there are lacking in mascots…862(Lightning), 815, 1502(Technical difficulties), and 66(Flyers). Sorry 815–I don’t know your team name/mascot. Robot tracks, perhaps? Most likely the artwork of some enthusiastic sidewalk chalkers.

Um, I see tire tracks? and an “i”, and, um, a heart? Basically what I’m trying to say is, HUH?? (Insert Home Improvement, Tim Alan sound.)

OK, the tracks are to imitate treads.

And that first part of the trail just says FIRST Robotics

But wait a minute here, if I spoil it for them, then that would mean fewer people at the tent… hmmm…


Woohoo!! I was right! Well, kinda. :o

I’m not sure what tracks Gigawatt makes (Lightning Robotics mascot)… maybe burn marks…

How would someone draw a burn mark in the middle of a road?

That’s easy, black gunpowder. (Actually, my gunpowder leaves a white residue, but it would be fun anyway)