pic: Yumm :) SPAM

it tastes good its texture is just wierd

Ever visit the SPAM Museum? :eek:

That’s scary!
Just plain scary. :ahh:

Maybe Team 180 should donate one of thier old robots to the museum. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s also another team that calls itself SPAM but I forgot the number. :o

I think they are from colorado

I once created a superman-esque logo for 25 back in the day, until we realized that it was far too SPAM-esque to use. I’ll upload later. Gotta run.

dosent anyone apreicate the Novelty Value of this picture?

yes i appreciate this photo value.

tytus: u were brave to try it now-- i’ve tried it umm it’s different-- go SPAM (the meat) and go 180 S.P.A.M. (the team) :slight_smile:

about 180 giving up a bot-- if they let us showcase one of ours–i’m sure my team would love to send them one to display

yes the photo does have a lot of value… but… are you really going to be on swampthing or spam? i know its a hard decision… or are you going to be a confused child just like past season and be on swampy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Im a Student on 179
Im A “Tweener” On 180

wow… OK Tytus that’s just weird. Where you really that hungry

call them up and ask them if you guys could demo your robots there… it would be pretty nice to have fluffy :ahh: at the spam museum :slight_smile:

hee hee --that is correct – luv ya tytus- u have moved up from honory S.P.A.M. member

welcome once again to the lovely world of S.P.A.M.!!!

I agree with Tiffany. Spam (The Team) is super cool and spam (the meat) doesn’t taste that bad. Just cook it with some pineapples and it’s pretty good.

care to be a errr… “tweener” for whatever team I end up on? C’mon, I need you man!

…what is a tweener? :confused:

barry he means that he helps out spam anyway he can help them out with… starting from attending meetings… to building bots… :slight_smile:

a tweener is not quite a mentor but not quite a student its a In beTWEEN the two

I suppose that makes sense. You wouldn’t mind driving the two hours to do that for my team, too, right? :smiley: Arefin, you can come with… I’ll buy you both all the Spam you want. Recruiting across the state… Oh yeah, Awesome robot this year here I come.

give me some gears to play with… i will be happy with that… :slight_smile:

if we put fluffy in a museum, then we won’t be able to drive it anymore, and we can’t show it off to the rookies, unless we all go and take a trip to the spam museum. that’s a good idea. trip to the spam museum!!!