pic: Yummeh......

Our teacher’s homemade hotdog cooker. Electricity, nails, and raw 'dogs make some good food. Yeah, it really works.

Looks like a suicide board to me… you putting 120V straight into those franks?

that cannot be sanitary but other than that…SWEET

It’s sanitary. And I don’t think it’s 120V straight, that wouldn’t be smart in a high school full of “smart” students.

Awesome… and the LEDs serve what purpose?

Dim as the dog gets closer to cooked, or vise-versa?

The LEDs make it very cool.

120 V straight is fine, they’ll cook OK. The lead on the LED leads is not too good for you though. Oh, and having 120 V out in the open is, well, a little dangerous. make a lexan cover (“to avoid splatters”)


This may be a little dark, but I think it’s only a matter of time before someone going for a dog gets cooked themselves…

No one ate the ones with LEDs. After everybody cooked some, we tested the theory, which proved to be somewhat correct. They lit up very little after a while.

It doesn’t even see the light of day unless the teacher is there to supervise it. We unplug it after it’s done, only one person operates it at a time, etc. Come on, we’re talking about a bunch of curious high school students. They never do anything illogical or stupid… :wink:

put a dill pickle on it :slight_smile: that’s fun

chuckles Nice one… I’ve done that before. Oddly enough when you eat the dogs then they have a slightly odd electrical taste to them. Its not like when you usually cook them. No kidding lol enjoi