pic: ZebraReality Setup

Custom setup for ZebraReality

Using a Note 7 so you can even simulate at least one match at MSC, smart move.

The real question is: what’s the dictionary for?

Why do you guys get all the cool toys :P?

Marshall needed to know if Zebralicious was actually a word…

For making sure I knew what integral meant after the QA people decided not to tell me and then eventually told someone else… seriously, still mad.

Keep that dictionary on hand man. Gonna need it if you have pressing questions ::rtm::

Ohh, it will be traveling to competitions with me just in case.

The VR quality must be explosive.

Too soon man (I had a Note 7) :frowning:

What exactly is this going to be used for?

It’s the setup for Pilot Simulator 2017.

I had both the original Note 7 and then the Replacement Note 7.

I’m still mad.