pic: Zippy 2.0

2009 prototyping
Similar design as 2006 robot but no omni-wheels due to FRC rules. Improvements will be urethane belting on both sides of the conveyor and the use of a CIM with a Banebots planetary gear box to drive ball collection and conveyor. No shooting this year as we are going for a simple pneumatic dump bin.

Is Zippy 2.0 the name of your robot? Our team’s rookie robot was called Zippy t. Turtle (because we used lots of zip ties) and last year is was Zippy two (many zip ties too). I thought we had the name trademarked…just kidding. If you call is Zippy 2.0 it better do really well otherwise you are dishonoring the name. This year I think we are calling it ZT, like ET, the extraterrestrial. Where are you going to competition?

Toltech original Zippy from FRC 2006.

Do you have a pic of your zippy geneology?
We are registered for Bayou and Lone Star.

looks different, I like it though what do you plan to use for the final sort of “tray”?

That area is still in the design mode. Current thoughts are to have a bottom plate (lexan) that pushed out the moon rocks with fixed sides. Will post another picture in 7 - 14 days.

You can never! And mean never have too many zip ties, it’s like too much money, or having too many zip ties.