We have added a new, fun MOE button to our button giveaways - “MOE Cowbell.” We should have a very limited supply available for the FLR Regional next week.

Fans of Saturday Night Live, Will Ferrell, or Christopher Walken will get this. Others probably not.

“MOE Cowbell!”

Will some be available at Philadelphia?

Please bring some to Philly. I would love to have one =)

Do want!


Yeah i am gonna need to get me one of those!!!

We can make some for Philly. We will have a limited supply, so you will need to get one fast.

MOE’s pit will be my first stop at FLR!

Oh…this is frustrating…

That’s the bad side if attending only Brazilian regional :frowning:

no bottoms available here =(

My schools homecoming shirts had more cowbell on them last year.:smiley:

Dibs. I will seek them out at FLR.