Picasts, A Podcast by The Fighting Pi (1718)

Hello everyone. This is my first day to the forum, but not to forums in general, so bear with me. I’ll jump right into this one.

This year, Team 1718 started “Picasts”, a robotics-themed podcast for the FIRST community. Picasts is 100% recorded, run, edited, and published by students and can be seen on our website (fightingpi.org) as well as on iTunes. A few of our media guys, along with myself, have recorded nine episodes so far and we plan to record more informational shows on various topics as well as interview teams at competitions we compete at (as we have in the past at the Waterford and Grand Blanc District Competitions in Michigan). We also plan to interview teams at the Michigan State FRC Championship and the World Championship in St. Louis. Overall, I can say from experience that I have learned a lot by just recording these podcasts, and I believe you all will enjoy them.

Now, what makes this different than a shameless plug is the fact that us at Picasts would like the show to be request-based as well. If we truly want a podcast for the FIRST community, why not ask the FIRST community what they would like to hear!

Our plan is that listeners can send us requests or topics they would like to hear, ranging from a “do a podcast on ___” to an outline. We would then do some research, record the show, edit it, and publish it on our website and iTunes. To wrap it all up, we would give the listener credit for the idea in the beginning of the podcast (“This one is from Joe Robo from Team XXXX” or something along those lines") and send the listener a message that their podcast idea has been posted.

So there it is. If you would like to be in a podcast or have a podcast suggestion for us, send an email to team1718@gmail.com with, at minimum, your name, team number or relation to FIRST, and idea. You can also post on our Facebook(FRC 1718: The Fighting Pi) or Twitter(@FRC1718).

Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get notifications on new podcast episodes. We love feedback!

Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from some of you.

Episodes so far:

#9 - On the Spot at Grand Blanc (10:46)
Random questions to passers-by at Grand Blanc, similar to Jay Leno’s Jaywalking

#8 - Live Interviews at Grand Blanc (22:14)
Interviews with 51, 302, 2145, 3322, 3570, and 4507

#7 - Interview with a FIRST Judge - It’s Like Talking to a Wahl (ft. Mr. Wahl) (14:52)
Interview of all things judging from a current judge

#6 - Live Interviews at Waterford (26:10)
Interviews with 33, 67, 573, 1701, 2612, and 3539

#5 - 2013 LabVIEW Beta Testing (ft. Michael P. and Alysa B.) (13:40)
1718’s LabVIEW Beta Testing and Talon Motor Controller Testing

#4 - A “Wheel” Good Podcast (17:52)
Wheels, all sorts

#3 - Ultimate Ascent (ft. Zeke F.) (13:14)
2013’s game - a show on scoring, field, and more

#2 - Brainstorming (ft. Paul G., CAD Mentor) (11:04)
The process of brainstorming at 1718, its significance.

#1 - Welcome to Picasts (2:20)
An introduction to the show.