Pick-up Device

We have been considering a wedge tipped device to get under the innertubes. However the rules imply no wedges on the robot. Do these include the actual device to get the innertubes or just the sides of the robot.

I believe that rule <R05> clearly defines the purpose and usage guidelines for wedges, as you mention for picking up the inner tubes:

[quote=<R05>]<R05> "Wedge” ROBOTS are not allowed. ROBOTS must be designed so that interaction with
opposing ROBOTS results in pushing rather than tipping or lifting. Neither offensive nor
defensive wedges are allowed.
All parts of a ROBOT between 0 and 8.5 inches from the
ground (the top of the BUMPER ZONE) that are used to push against or interact with an
opposing ROBOT must be within 10 degrees of vertical. Devices deployed outside the
ROBOT footprint should be designed to avoid wedging. **If a mechanism or an appendage
(e.g. a harvester for retrieving GAME PIECES) becomes a wedge that interferes with other
ROBOTS, penalties, disabling, or disqualification can occur depending on the severity of the
infraction. **[/quote]

So IMO, don’t deploy your “broom and dustpan” ringer-picker-upper while another robot is driveing by. But I would say that it’s pretty easy to design something that would not physically be able to “wedge” a robot in any segnificant way. I don’t remember the refs and inspectors being REALLY nit-picky about things, but if you did something that could maybe possibly be bad, but in 98% of circumstances wouldn’t ammount to much, then they just tell you to be carefull!

Each inspector is different. It’a all about their interpretation of such vague rules. In my sincerest opinion, I would shy away from anything that could be seen by one ref as a rule breaker.

Thanks for the posts. I think we will just have to go with our other design that we have been working on.