Picking up opposing team tubes in front of feeder lane

I was wondering from a legal stand point if there was a tube on the ground in front of the opposing teams feeder slot and no opposing teams robot was in possession of that game piece, could I pick up that game piece with my robot while in my scoring zone and place it on my scoring grid? As I understand the rules so far, once the piece is on the ground it is fair game? I have found nothing in the rule yet that prohibits the robot “arm” from reaching in the lane. I just can’t enter the lane with the robot.

I think the arm moving in counts as the robot entering because you’re breaking the invisible plane. Drivers probably should use their arms with caution so they don’t accidentally swing their arm in the opposing Alliance’s lane.

<G33> Neither ROBOTS, HOSTBOTS, nor MINIBOTS may break the planes of the vertically projected broders of the opponent’s LANES.

Not quite. You can’t break the plane with your robot (<G33>). You could try it, but it’s a 3-point penalty for breaking that plane.

Occasionally, it may be worth it to place a logo over an ubertube on the top row.

Typically robots who continue to incur the same penalty will be issued a yellow card.