Pickup System Fix

With so many offseason right around the corner we looked back at our robot today and saw the piece we “Innovated”. We were wondering if there was a better solution or a better part we could use.

The piece basically connects our pneumatics cylinder to our mechanism. Any ideas?



Are you just looking to replace the zip ties or the entire mounting setup? I assume there is a clevis in there to attach to you mechanism, and if you simply want to replace the zip ties, we have found that a simple piece of rubber hose that fits over the cylinder’s shaft. We used some 1/4" air line on a smaller cylinder this year. It is nice because it provides an easily customized stop position and also a cushion when the cylinder retracts.

If that isn’t what you meant, at least it could eliminate the zip tie jungle…

You will seriously reduce the forces in your linkage if you mount the cylinder more horizontally, rather than vertically.

I believe what you’re looking for is called a clevice. There should be a section for them on McMaster-Carr. Depending on your machining resources, they’re not a particularly hard part to make yourself either. Essentially it’s just a block of metal with a threaded hole on one face and a through hole perpendicular to it.

if your talking about the zip ties than you could get some PVC round tubing that has an ID slightly larger than the bore of the piston and use it as a spacer. just make sure that the OD is large enough that it doesn’t hit the bushing on the inside of the cylinder

Also you could try to move the piston back a hole so that it isn’t as vertical and more on an angle instead (as long as it doesn’t impact your ability to intake a ball).

We used a shaft collar this year to limit the stroke on one of our air cylinders. McMaster has lots of different sizes so you should be able to find one the right size, or take one smaller and drill it out a bit to fit the shaft correctly. Very easy way to adjust the travel of a cylinder as a tuning mechanism.

I completely misunderstood your question. You are asking for a solution for replacing the stack of wireties and the hose clamp right?

We limit the stroke of our cylinders with simple lengths of aluminum tubing. See the stroke limiting spacer on the cylinders that change the elevation angle of our shooter from 2013, below.