Picloader Problems

I have been using picloader under linux to program an old controller without any problems for a while now, but all of a sudden once my code reached a certain size (1809 according to picloader_textmode, whatever that means), I get a code error when I load it onto the controller. I looked at FrcCode.map and it says “program memory utilization is 21%”, so then I took the exact same .hex file that I created in linux and it worked just fine with IFI Loader in Windows.

Anybody have any ideas?

2006 and higher FRC robot controller has 128K of program memory. Previous FRC controllers, EDU bot (I believe), and VEX have only 32K of program memory. Does the picloader support the larger memory configuration? A new version of IFI loader was needed last year to download to the new controller.

IIRC, you have to change the size of one of the buffers. I just can’t the buffer ATM. (I don’t maintain picloader because the code is less than flexable, IMHO.)

I may make a new release to fix this, since it has come up before.

I encourage you to test pycloader, as well, from the same project. It should be pretty much fine, but it hasn’t been tested enough for a release.

EDIT: It’s main.cpp, lines 85-86. Change the 4095. It comes from 32K * 1024 / 8 - 1 (there are 8 bytes in every record). So the new number for 2006-2007 is 16383.

Thanks, I’m trying pycloader out, it looks like it is the better option, and I would much rather read python code than c++.