Pics from NJ

Here are some pictures from the new jersey regional. This is just the practice day. Will post more Friday night and Saturday. Lot’s of pics of robots for scouting. :slight_smile:

You definately need to take another picture with me in it for a before AND after shot of my little trim job I did with my hair.

Elgin, I thought you fell asleep on the bus and they did it for you. :ahh:

No John, that little “trim” was of my own doing. But then there was that little bet I made with my team that if they won a regional I would shave my head…

Let’s hope that they forget about that one by our next meeting…:eek:

Oh Elgin, Don’t underestimate us. We *did * build a nifty robot. :wink: Which, I believe, by the time that meeting comes around, your head will be just as shiny as our bot’s frame. :slight_smile:

Darn it…

The things I do for my Team and FIRST. :sigh:

Elgin it’s called Murphy’s Law. If you hadn’t made the bet to shave your head before hand we would never had won. Oh, and if you do forget to shave it by the next meeting, remember we do have a nice belt sander in the woodshop. :smiley:

guys guys leave some hair for the next reviting matches in your next regional. he may need that hair to pull out. on second thought better do it with the belt sander this way its quick easy and done with j/k excellent 237 you guys really know how to control that chin up bar. if you have not already checked and d/l pics of the first half of day 2 you can find them in the white papers (3 files) as zipped files under NJ Regional 1 - 3 pics. or something close to it. Once agin congrads to all who participated. for the NYC Regional I will have at least 4 camera rechargable batteries and not 2 (1- 1/2 full and 1- empty lol)

and from looking at that “shimmy” from the front it looks like an aluminum rectangular fist. lol good luck at your next regional