pics galore: Team 1418 The Grue!

After much ado I have finally posted many, many, pics of our robot. : :smiley:

Feedback (Negative or Positive) is welcome!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, we’ll be a VCU. We’re rookies so we’re always interested in talking to more experienced teams.

This robot has many functions, and it looks pretty good. I like the winch and the spring loaded arm.

My advice at this point would be to make sure that your wires, electrical components, and pneumatic components are protected by a thin sheet of polycarbonate (Lexan). A little bit of protection will save your “stuff” from random contact with other robots during matches. If you don’t have access to polycarbonate now, be sure to get some from a veteran team at your regional.

Andy B.

Yes, we have removeable plates to protect our electronics, they just aren’t pictured. At the moment it is nothing more then wire mesh, mostly because of weight, I mean uh, speed issues :rolleyes:

Site has been updated. Now their are thumbnails and a little explanation of the pics. Enjoy

Good job with that robot. I like the cane! :smiley: That’s one interesting way to grab onto the bar. I also have to say it was a good idea to take pictures of the robot with a neutral background, it makes it much easier to make out the different features of the robot.