pics of neat wiring

can some one send me pictures of there neat wiring systems? I am our teams electrical guy and I want to have a really neat and Accessible wiring system and I need ideas. So please send me pictures.


Try either


Here is a few more

I think we did a pretty good job with wiring this year…

try this one out

na- im sorry ladies and gentlemen- did anyone else use military specification circular plugs to make their electronics totaly removable?! i think not! heres my stuff- i thought this was a neat idea but props to 357 at philly cuz they got usbeat- they have all their electronics plus pneumatics removable in one go- its pretty wild- anyway here is our set up.

i dont know if any of those worked so msg me back if they didnt

They do not appear to be working. I see a silver bar with left and right arrows, but no picture.

Our fearless leader did most of the wiring then had to change it some
This is just the base wiring

I don’t have any good pictures of our electrical panel offhand, but I can say one cool discovery we made this year was that you can bend lexan in a pressbrake, and make some pretty dang nifty electrical brackets/trays/multilevel panels with bent lexan, stuff’s mighty strong too and stays transparent even in the bends.

Just some FYI we used Markolon lexan, don’t know if all brands of lexan can be bent as easily.


For working with Acrylic products (such as Plexiglass or Lexan), it’s actually best to use a heatgun to warm up the part that’s going to be bent.

Of coruse, Smaug knows me, and I think I might have told him that already.


Lexan, eh? Interesting…

The 968/254 bots have pretty awesome wiring jobs, from what I saw in 968’s robot. Don’t have a pic on me though ;(

Plexiglass is acrylic, but Lexan is polycarbonate. They’re not the same thing, and they don’t act the same. Acrylic is brittle and shatters easily. Polycarbonate bends.

If you want to see more, you can look here, Its our team site and has pictures of all our robots, and them some;) .

aight well- since thjose other links werent working jsut check this site out and look at the 2007 build season gallery at page 4- there should be a limited amount of pictures concerning the cicular connectors and wiring- it isnt that neat because its in a very confined space but i thought the plugs were a nifty idea take a look:cool: :smiley:

Our electrical team did a heck of a job with the wiring…

I thought there was a closeup one of the slick victor lineup (on the base), but I can’t find it. Oh well. You get the idea.