Pics & Videos: Tribotec Team (Brazil)

Tribotec invites and encourages all teams to visit our website,
We´re here to divulge not only our team but our two partners, Team 383 and 1156, both from Brazil.

Our website features:

  • videos and pics of our robot in action!!! :yikes:
  • wide variety of pictures (with comments)
  • working webcam! :ahh:
  • updated info on our team and our wherabouts
  • forum, where we encourage you to leave your suggestions and questions

We will be attending the New Jersey regional, so for those of you who will also be competing there, please take our website into consideration when voting!! And while we´re there it would be awesome to visit veteran teams…any volunteers??

Here´s a pic: Pic_Robot

Wonderful website! You’ve done a great job with the design!

hey, on the bot, the treads aren’t bad…maybe next year we’ll run with partial treads…keep it up guys