Picture caption in thread?

In the threads that begin with “Thread created automatically to discuss this image in CD-Media,” would it be possible to have the forum automatically copy the picture’s caption into the automatically-created thread?

This would allow people to read about the picture and post a comment without leaving the discussion thread. That should save the server a little bandwidth, as there will be less page loads, and further streamline the integration between CD-Media and the CD forums.

Also, while I’m at it, another thing I sometimes wish there was is an option to automatically run a spell check on your post when you click the “submit” button. If the spell check is passed, the forum posts your post, and if the spell check fails, it brings up the spell check window and lets you fix any errors, then proceed to post. This is handy if you’re forgetful like me, and sometimes don’t remember to run a spell check, only to realize you misspelled a word after posting. Mozilla Thunderbird has this feature when sending mail, and I always have it on.

Great forums, and keep up the good work!

please search first

Yep, it’ll happen. I’m unable to do much of anything for a few weeks, but when things settle down, I’ll have a lot more time in the evenings to devote to fixing things before the season starts.

So yes, soon. :slight_smile:


Yay! :]

Brandon, you rock our collective socks.

Amen to that!