Picture gallery counts

Quick suggestion for ya Brandon. Any way that you could list the number of pictures in each category or folder next to the links? It’d make it a little easier to know if there are new pictures and also if anyone’s put pics in categories yet (regional competitions, for example). Just an idea, love already as is!

~Tom Fairchild~, who loves the fact that people are putting up pics of their bots now.

That was originally going to be done, but I got lazy, and just made a ‘new uploaded’ screen, which showed all pictures, sorted by date new->old.

Someday, I will make it so (like you said) there are numbers next to the links, and maybe a ‘<<new>>’ icon or something next to the link if there have been new images in the past X days.

Another quick sugggestion for the picture gallery. Can you put the team number under the thumbnail with the other basic information? Right now I’m trying to get an idea of what teams’ robots look like and that would make it much easier to see who’s done what. Thanks Brandon!

~Tom Fairchild~