Picture Help!

Hey guys,
Normally I wouldn’t ask like this, but I’m a bit under the gun on this one.

I was asked today by Babson to come up with a picture of me “and FIRST” for them to use promotionally in the near future. And as much as this is a magnet for every silly picture of me that everyone has ever acquired, I really need something non-silly - and I knew that if anyone would have something, it would be you guys.

Alternatively, I would be willing to get together with a local team this week and take a picture. I am willing to drive out to you, so please get back to me asap, as they’re giving me until Thursday to get this together.

Please im me at JABatBAB, pm me, or email me at jboucher @ babson . edu.



Let me look through my old photo archives and see if there is anything with you! If there is anything else you may need let me know!

Actually, I was able to work something out, so don’t worry about it. Thanks, though!

You can send some of them team pics to me though Vin for the GALLERY! :stuck_out_tongue:


I've got alot of the pictures on CD's. I would be happy to make an extra copy for you guys. Whatever you guys need from the years 1998 - 2003 I have. Just let me know what I can do for you!