Pictures are up! :D

Below are some links to pictures I uploaded in the gallery of TOBOR V - Any feedback would be really appreciated!!! I have yet to get a picture up of the drive frame… That will be up tomorrow!

Grabber (Front View)

Grabber FRAME (Top View)

Extended Grabbers

Grabber (Top View)

  • Katie

Yea… here’s the link to the picture of the Drive frame… :slight_smile:

Drive Frame

  • Katie

How much throw did you get off of the pnuematic cylinders, how far out do the “grabbers” come out from the resting postion? And are you able to close the grabbers and let go of the goals?

Since it’s already shown, I’ll answer your question…

The grabbers can open up to let go of the goals. That’s what the surgical tubing is for… The cylinders are 12" stroke…