Pictures in MS Access

I made an MS Access database for scouting this year and I want to add pictures of robots to the data. So far the only way I know of for putting pictures in a database is in a form or query, If anyone knows how or can help me I’d greatly appreciate any advice.

Thanks, Lindsey
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There are to main ways to employ images in an Access database. The first and simplest is to simply store the path to each picture. This can be a relative path (i.e. no dirve specification, only local folder and or simply the file name), or it can be an absolute path that includes a “fully qualified path” to the file. Once you’ve done this, you can make forms in access to display the image, but you’ll have to do some light scripting. The second, more advanced way, is to actually embed the image into access. This is done through an OLE field type. OLE stands for object linking and embedding, but is just a fancy name for a binary field. Essentially, you can put anything in this field from images to executables. The problem with this is that you must make a script to extract the data. This can vary in complexity depending on the type of data, however the simplest way that will work for most anything is probably to stream the bits into a file and then open the file. However, using only access VBA scripting, this might prove inconvenient at best. My recommendation for a quick solution is the first option.

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I actually tried to do this for a class… unsuccessfully. I’m actually not a big fan of either VB or Access, but yeah… class. Anyway, I scoured the Intarweb for how to do this… with OLE and with the file path. I found a few ‘solutions’ that all involved 5 pages of code and 1000 variables. I’m sure there’s and easier way to do it… but yeah… good luck. If you figure it out let me know please. k thx much love. I got tired of trying to figure it out.

I found an easy way to put pictures in MS access!

  1. Create a field with the field type OLE object
  2. In table view select the record
  3. Go to the Insert menu and chose object
  4. Select Browse and find the picture
  • You can link the picture to the file so changes to the file will be made to the picture in your DB
  • You can also display just an icon that you double-click on to view the picture
  1. Create a Form or Query to view pictures

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People can also pm the Screen name ‘squat’ on here, its Emil he’s our teams database programmer, and he knows alot about it. He also did stuff with pictures and probably could tell people more then if i tried to explain it.