Pictures of 341 Robots?!

Can it be done in one day? By one person?? I’m not sure, but I’m going to try. :smiley:

I’m going down to Atlanta with my cowboy hat and my camera, but sans team.

I figured I could spend Thursday being productive (and meeting lots of interesting people) by taking at least one picture of every single team’s robot. At the end of the day, I will go back to the hotel, upload all the pictures, label and organize them according to team number and division, and start burning data CDs. On Friday morning, I’ll bring the picture CDs to the Georgia Dome (exact location TBD).

That said, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a CD-swap of sorts:

I will trade one data CD containing pictures of all of the robots at the Championship Event for one blank CD-R.

Sound like a fair deal?
(This way, if lots of people are interested in a CD full of robot pictures, I won’t run out.)

Also, is a team out there that would like to host all (or some) of these pictures on their web site?
I know that there are some great team websites (i.e. S.O.A.P. 108), as well as others such as and, of course, good ol’ ChiefDelphi.

Good luck to everyone at the competition. Keep an eye out for me, I’ll be the one wearing a cowboy hat, taking a picture of your robot. :slight_smile:


I’m bringing a blank CD-r!

How will the pictures be labeled and organized on the CD (into divisions and such?)

when i first read this i thought team 341’s pictures. than i remembered 341 robots. Yeah i’ll bring a Cd-r, and a jewel case!
I’m cursious, whats the quality of your camera? And are you going to do multiple angles?

I’ll bite on Team 341 offer for a CD/R full of other robot photos.

But, we do have a lot of the other bots on our web site at:

I think I’ve got them numbered correctly. Thes are from Finger Lakes, Buckeye, and Toronto regionals. If you see yours, and it’s mis-numbered, just send me a message.

If you want to add your bot photo to our collection, we might accept you into our “fashion magazine”…just kidding.

I will trade a CD for a CD

If all goes as planned it will be something like this.

Main Folder: “2005 Championship Event”
Subfolder: “Archimedes Division”
Subfolder: “Curie Division”
Subfolder: “Galileo Division”
Subfolder: “Newton Division”

Within each subfolder, the pictures will be labeled “Team XXXX Robot pic#”. For example: “Team 0619 Robot pic#2”

If I have time, I might include each team’s name as well as number. For example: “Team 0118 (Robonauts) Robot pic#1”

It is a Nikon 5700, 5.0 megapixels, 8X optical zoom.

I certainly hope to do multiple angles. However, my main priority will be to get at least one good picture of each robot by the end of the day on Thursday.

Who knows, if this turns out to be successful, then I might release a second CD on Saturday (with lots more pictures and lots more angles). :smiley:


P.S. I am not affiliated with Team 341. The number 341 is the number of teams attending the championship event. Sorry for any confusion.

Where will we be able to find you?

I too plan on bringing a CD-R…see you there.

i plan on brining a cd-r too, also if you need a place to host the files, i’ll be glad to host em on the LC Robotics server.

Ill bring 2 CDs for two copies. I’ll give the hosting proposal to our webmaster. see what he says.

We 'll bring a CD-R too !

Pending the size of the photos, I would be glad to upload them all to the RAGE website, and I will try to remember to pack an extra cd for all the pics too!

Well, I’m not sure you’ll get a response from 340+ teams regarding a CD swap, but I’d be willing to contribute 10 blank CD-Rs for one of yours with pics of all the robots. Perhaps if 30+ teams could commit to that arrangement, everyone could leave with pictures of all the teams. Just a thought.

Any word on a location yet?

We are taking pictures of every robot in the Curie division and we can possibly upload them onto photobucket and then post the link here.

a literall meaning to Cd-Swap … :ahh:

How it go?

If you have a digital camera and a few memory cards and alot of time on your hands it can be done.

You can find Andrew and his CD’s hanging around the Robonaut’s pit in Curie. Follow the giant tetra.

Did any of the Vex 'bots make the cd? Or is it just normal FRC robots?

Just wanted to say thank you to Andrew for the picures, they helped us out quite a bit trying to match up team numbers with their robots. If people are still interested in them (even though the competition is over), I may be able to host them on one of my webservers.