Pictures Of Your Robot

I had an idea for a promotional poster for FIRST teams, just someting for me to tool around with for a while but I don’t want it to be all pictures of my team.

If you have a few pictures of robot (on team site or on disk) please contact me at one of the addresses in my signature.

Action shot’s preferred (without people in the way). If you have team member’s in the picture please ask them if it’s ok for me to use their picture.

If I do ever complete this project, it will be posted for free download/distrobution on our website (which soon will be once registration goes through)

Rage has quite a few selections in the gallery. THe website is I also have a few pics if you want more.

Ken Leung put this together. Many of the links have pictures of team’s robots, or various parts of team’s robots! Check it out :slight_smile:

Index of Team’s …

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This site i know has a lot of dif robot pics.

in all seriousness though Team 522 does have pics but only of their robot and maybe a few shots of our alliance partners in the matches




to correct jk

i know we have a lot of pictures…and i alson know who made the galleries…

in the nav bar…under media…then 2002 pictures…thanks…visit the site…

look at the mvrt gallery…

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Yah what he said sorry. That was the old site. The funniest thing was that I was on the new site when I posted that. has pictures of many of the teams.

Furious George
the arm has been taken off, and a few other modifications. i’ll post an updated picture once i find one…

There are a few pictures here.

Also, I maintain a “Picture of the Week” at

Our Robot


never mind

this is it

real robot

what 987 used last year:

check out our site, the best pics of our drive-train are in the intro, so jus keep refreshing it to toggle thorough them.

A new site, as well as a BUNCH of pictures :slight_smile:

Our robot pics are here…

Team 116


Here ya go :slight_smile:

New Apple Corps Images

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