pictures, pictures, and woah... tons of pictures

Hey, theres a ton of pictures in the Regional galleries from the regionals that went on this weekend… check em out:


posted a lot of ours that we had from scouting :stuck_out_tongue:

Big Thanks to those of you who posted picture inside the regional gallery for KSC. There are some really cool pictures. Much better than the webcasts, which usually shows a blur for a robot moving around. It’s hard to tell how exactly the robot is built when all you could see is big squares of color on the robot.

Oh yeah, can’t seems to find a picture for the Heatwave bot. I’ve got to take more picture at National of that bot. Really cool lock down mechanism. :wink:

No worries I am posting those pics and our new website design in the next day or so. Plz bare wit me I’m still looking for all packed away technology I brought to KSC.

-Stephen Kowski
Team 312: Heat Wave

I just posted pics from the VCU Regional, I think I got a pic of every robot there.

Is there something messed up with the gallery because it says 87 pics next to the VCU Gallery, but when I go to it nothing happens. What’s goin on?

*Originally posted by Stephen Kowski *
… Plz bare wit me …

Some others around here are much wittier than I, so I will demure on that account. But even were I Letterman, I certainly would not “wit” you in the buff.:o

I had the same problem with the Gallery, maybe they didn’t confirm the pictures yet, but the system still adds the numbers to the name, who knows. Hope they are up soon, I got some really nice shots

still waiting for VCU pics to show :rolleyes:

But waiting PATIENTLY…because I’m just glad a team is willing to do all of this for us!

Thank you Cheifdelphi

Lisa T :slight_smile:


yeah, it counts unapproved pictures.

and yes, i was away from the computer all day, so no approvals.
gonna approve em now.

Still not their, but waiting patiently!

they’re up now.
also fixed the code, it only counts approved pictures… oops :slight_smile: