(pictures) Team Hyper

Ball Shooter Prototype

Ball Spiral

Ball Harvester Prototype

Bot Frame


Mixed Pictures of the team

I can’t find any other pictures, of the better stuff. But there is the best pictures I can find. Look at www.hyper-robotics.com to see more of our teams and bot!

Very nice progress, its goood to see teams making progress

i like the sprial

The guy behind its better…:wink:

Thanks, I wish we had better pic.s to put up for you’ll to see.

Hm I see where you guys are going with this. Lol a multi-functional robot. Sweet.

Pretty cool

I remember you guys from the LA Reginal last year. Your design looks as good as it did then. :slight_smile:

Looks good! Can’t wait to see it running at the mini-meet!

And that spiral is sweet.

  - Toby

wow freaky…we were orignially planning on doing the spiral, until recently when we changed our strategy…we had a mock-up and everything lol

SO, your team is going to our mini-meet. That is cool, can’t wait to see ya!