Who wants pictures? Pictures here. Tons of pictures from 2002, 2004, and 2005. They are all of robots that have attended UTC over the years. Let me know, and I’ll send you copies of whatever you want. I’ve got other pictures as well and I’m going to research through my archives soon enough.

It would be great if you could host them all in a gallery, possibly each team labelled. I just personally think that would be a better way to make them available to more people, plus save you some work, rather than sending pictures to individual people. Just a suggestion, and if you make a gallery, then I would definitely put it to good use.

EDIT: If 237 hosts them, that would be equally as awesome. :wink:

Ready to give up those pics so we can host em yet Vin?

As soon as our gallery starts behaving again that is.

Sure Elgin, I will make all photos available to any team. Years include 1999 - 2005. You want them on a cd?

Alrighty everyone, i have started a large photo distribution. A good point was made, sending pictures to everyone may be a challenge. Here is what I am going to do. For 1 year, I am going to open a Photo Gallery online. When I have it up and running, I will submitt the link and you (everyone) can take whatever they want.


Want some help with that idea? Many members have their own website or do the programming on their team’s website so if you want they ( myself included) can upload the files to our website for immediate viewing within a short amount of time. Or you can learn for yourself how to do it. Just a suggestion to get the pictures out quicker and more easily accessible.


Oh ok, yeah that would be great. If I need any help I will let you know. For now, I’ll just them out as quickly as possible on my own site and then you guys can take whatever you want. Don’t worry my friend lol, I’m working night and day on this. But yes, thank you for your help. If for some reason, I somehow exceed my bandwidth or something, I’ll ask for help.

Thank You!

Hey everyone,

I mentioned last night that I would be working on a photo gallery of my years with FIRST. Anywho, right now, it has some pictures in it and I'm still adding. 

Vin’s Robotic Photo Gallery

Enjoy everyone!

Nice job Vinny! :slight_smile:

Some of those photos going back to 1999 brought back a lot of memories. It’s fun to look back and see how the team has changed.

P.S. There’s even a photo of me eating at the table in the one pic. :wink:

Thank Jay! The Mustang is looking good! Let me know when you wanna sell it lol! Anywho, I’m going to have more pictures up soon. I’m in the process now of scanning all the pictures I have ever taken and putting them up online to see. Eventually I hope to purchase a website dedicated to nothing but FIRST FOTOS lol!

We’ll see someday!