PID Control for Automatic Charging Dock Balencing with Gyro

Just like one of those self-balancing 2-wheel robots. A robot on the charging dock can most likely be programmed to balance the charging dock. If the system is coded and tuned well enough, it can possibly also stabilize the charging dock when there are multiple robotics on the dock during the endgame.

Example of a self-balancing Robot:


One thing that will have to be figured out is how to keep track of position on the platform, the robot could try to compensate and drive off the charging station.

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Only problem I see is that you should include the ability to turn it off. I can see it working great for 1 robot like in auto. I can see it failing miserably when a 2nd bot gets included. If the 2nd bot is also PID it will very likely be out of sync to yours and you just might rock back and forth forever. Same if the 2nd (or 3rd) robot does not have PID. Plus of course you would have to make sure not to leave the teeter totter even if your PID tells you too maybe as the other robot is trying to get up there too. So it can become quite complicated.


I’ve been thinking about using our pitch sensor as a “level assist” that the driver could activate once the robots are on. The disturbance of robots loading on could make the loop do some unpleasant things through the transients, but it could make for nice cheesecake to touch up the load on the charging station.

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Sounds like a plan and the toughest thing might be to convince the rest of your alliance not to “help”

I think having only one robot “balancing” while the other 1/2 stays put is probably the simplest way to pull it off with other robots.


Honestly, from the videos at least, I doubt you’ll need any sort of PID control.

I’m thinking for auto you can just run a slow drive forward until the gyro detects that it is level.

In teleop I think the bigger challenge would be fitting 3 teams compared to getting the charge station engaged, as it’ll be engaged as long as you fit in the central area.

We were considering having mechanism kinda like 148’s from 2018 that engages an alliance member’s bumper and then we push them onto the charging dock. Allows one robot to control the balance of 2 robots. The platform is like 4 feet wide, so it seems doable.

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