PID Controlled Flywheel

I am a new programmer assigned to code the shooter for our robot. For context, it is a one wheeled shooter with a set hood position powered by two motors. I was told to create a PID loop to control the velocity/rpm of the shooter so that the rotation seems consistent. I just can’t figure out how to implement a PID Controller into VS Code. If anyone can help that would be great.

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Depends on your speed controllers.

Spark MAX:

Talon SRX:

I highly recommend watching 2767s course videos (yes, all of them) on various PID related topics:

You will likely only need a feed forward and a P value to get it decently tuned.


Take a look at the WPILib FrisbeeBot example project.

Also, note that vscode is a text editor, not a programming language.

I believe we are using Talon FX’s that are integrated with Falcon Motors. Are those similar to Talon SRX’s? I will take a look at Stryke Force’s tutorials.

Yes, they will have a similar (if not identical) interface. We haven’t used them so I don’t know the specific differences. I recommend browsing through the Tech Resources tab here to find any relevant info.

Additionally, it is entirely acceptable and normal to look at other people’s code to learn from. I recommend searching for GitHub repositories of teams such as 3847 and 319.

Ok, thanks for the help!

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