PID Controller

Okay so ive been messing with one of our test robots and i noticed that some of the motors are going faster than other motors i was wondering how to implement a PID controller using Encoders to make all of the motors run at the same frequency can someone show me an example of some code in labVEIW of how to do that?

Do you have the capability to do CAN? If you do, you can simply use the jaguar’s built-in PID controls. You initialize all of the motors and apply their PID values in, and the encoders plug into the Jags. This also reduces the number of PWM cables running around your robot!

Have you ever successfully tuned the Jag’s speed controller for a drivetrain?

If so, please share your experience here:


for the robot im doing this on it has all victors but thanks i can use that for this years robot