PID help

Hey guys,
All im trying to do is make a simple PID that will control some lift motors. Its so that the lift can go to certain presets. I have encoders on the lift, and ive tried everything that i could to get this working. any help? maybe even an example? thanks.

Have you tried using the WPI library provided PIDcontroller class?


We have developed a PID control library. One module allows you to do PID control on a motor with encoder. The most useful function is:

void SetHeight(float height, Event *setHeightEvent = NULL);

We used it in the Logomotion game where it controls our ladder to raised to a certain height. For example:

SetHeight(96.0);    //raise the ladder to 8 ft high

You can access our code at:

The ladder code is in Logomotion/Ladder.h. The PID control motor library module is in trclib/TrcPIDMotor.h