PID Simulator from 1501

Hey guys/gals,

We made a PID simulator (in EXCEL), it’s kind of slapped together. I dunno if it would help anyone else. You can kind of see what some values would do for you.

We put this together to help debug some code.

Download Here


How do you simulate feedback? (I’m sorry, I haven’t run it yet, no Windows/Wine available at the moment)

When you download it, and look at our code, you’ll see this section here:

'ok so I can't have a realtime feedback sensor in EXCEL, but I can fake it

        If PID_feedback = PID_setpoint Then
            PID_feedback = PID_setpoint
            Cells(14, 7).Value = PID_feedback
            PID_feedback = PID_feedback + 1
            Cells(14, 7).Value = PID_feedback
        End If

my computer tells me the zip file is corrupted

Dunno ? I just downloaded it again, and it unzipped ok.

I can’t download the file either. When I scroll to the bottom of the page, I get an error window that says “The compressed(zipped) folder is invalid or corrupt”. I chose to open the file on download. Looks good though!

Try and do a save as or download the whole file first.

The zip file worked for me too.

Zip worked for me, but it (the Excel file) doesn’t seem to work in (And my desktop is so far away… :wink: Have Excel there.)

Check your zip program and version that you’re using…ive noticed that just because the file is .zip doesnt necessarily mean that every unzipping program works. This is true especially if you have an old version of WinRAR or WinACE.