Pie in the eye

Every dreamed of letting one of those CD know-it-alls have it with a well place whipped cream pie in the face? Well you can do just that at the 2006 Rah Cha Cha Ruckus(it was such a big hit at the inaugural Ruckus, why not do it again)! All it takes is a dollar and a dream!
Who would you like to see get smacked with a pie?

I nominate Ed, of course!

I nominate Jay :stuck_out_tongue:

Trzaskos? If so, ditto. :stuck_out_tongue:

i nominate Joe…you didnt hear that from me, nor did i say it :smiley:

Todays pie in the eye is brought to you by the letters J and M as in Joe Matt, and the numbers 3,8, and 4

joe, you know what im talking about

Is it possible to nominate myself?

Ashley Christine

I owe her one or two AND by looking at the first picture, she really seems to enjoy the special attention.

I would also like to see an anti garbage bag rule brought into effect. It just seems to take away from the event.

Of course we know that Kim is already in as it was her great plan.

Is it possible to nominate a person for getting 2 pies in the face? I think Ashley Christine deserves 2 after last year and she got to pie 2 people. Ed should also get one too If I can nominate another person.

Ed, Can you classify if the second picture is Kim. Its a little hard to tell.

So many faces, so little time…
Greg Needel ( just because…)
Steve W (because I missed him at Championship this year picking on me)
Big Mike for having that thread about changing his name

Ayup that’s Kim.

I nominate a few people

Jay (just because)
Ed (for posting this haha)
Ashley (for reasons above)
Dan (it would be hillarious :-))

alright it is approching that time again…RUCKUS TIME!!! and that means PIE TIME!!! so i am gonna go out on a limb here and say rees…wait is that legal…or will i pie him then get pied by like 8537258347 people!!! anyways he would just sit there and like…eat it…and be ok with it…ahhh rees…so awesome… :smiley:

I nominate Dylan G.! haha…Im too afraid of getting Rees.

Ashley Christine

I dont know, she better come this year!!

But yea, Ed, Steve, Kim, ERIC (MC), Ashley, Mark Mascadri

Somone had better get Art from 228 with a pie this year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just… to be fair to him, make sure it’s not when he’s on his Segway, or holding a Vex bot though. We don’t want to ruin nice toys for the sake of a joke, we just want to see him covered in pie!!! :smiley:

Who’s gonna be the volunteer for this “attack”???


Only if its not just for wanting to eat the pie!! And I didnt even know you are coming!! SO cool! :slight_smile:

Oh and just for reference, this year we will be using Cool Whip… JVN got the sloppiest watered down spray whipped cream I saw last year, and it would have been so much more fun if it stayed solid!!

Why is Ashley in a pirate costume? I think that in and of itself deserves a pie.

I second Elgin’s nomination of Art from 228, although I think a pie’ing while on the Segway is more appropriate, since he is always bragging about his mad-crazy Segway Skillz.

Umm see around this time of year there is this funny holiday called Halloween, even stranger is the Rah Cha Cha Ruckus just seems to be themed around Halloween, and there are costume contests and everything… who would have thought!! lol.

No Ashley doesnt dress up like a pirate every day :stuck_out_tongue: thats what we were for halloween last year.

Since it looks like I’m in the running now, I think I’ll definitely have to [re]nominate Ashley, just because of the pirate costume. :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to see the world’s first Seg-by pieing, ok Art? Just get that puppy up to 12.5mph and let the cool-whip fly.