Pier Frog @ Comau

The Frog Force (Team 503, Novi, MI) has set up a full practice field inside Comau Inc.'s manufacturing facility in Novi. It’ll be open for practice sessions soon. Please check this space or http://frogforce503.org/ for schedule updates coming this week.

The field is set up in a robotic Systems Integration Facility which currently contains an AGV mounted robotic aircraft drilling cell as well as automotive assembly lines in various stages of build. It’s a great oppotunity to get some driver practice and check out industrial robotic systems.

So far It looks like we’ll be open 4:30-7:30 Fridays and 1-5 on Saturdays. Check out the frog force website for details.

Sounds great! Hope to see you guys soon!

1-6 PM Saturday 2/19 & Sunday 2/20.
Go to http://frogforce503.org/ to sign up.