Pigeon 2.0 in labview

Hi, my team recently got a Pigeon for the competition and i was wondering if anybody knows how to make it work properly or if they have an example.
Thanks for any help

If you have installed the CTRE framework and phoenix, then a pallet will appear in your Third Party / CTRE menu in labview:


Yes, i have seen that but i can’t get it to run, and i’m not sure if the open should be accompanied by a “Get status”, a “config all” or both, do you know?

In begin, you should be using Open and set Ref to create the pigeon object. In the code where you use it (periodic, auto, or teleop) you would use the Get Ref with the refnum name connected to a ‘get status’ to return the values.

Factory Default, Config All, would usually be placed in Begin if there are things you need to adjust about the default setup.

If you look up pigeon 1.0 examples they should be basically the same.


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