Pigeon IMU Help


So we are looking at using a Pigeon IMU on our robot for a gyro and it worked well over the summer on a test robot. Now after moving the gyro over to our new frame, when we power it up the Pigeon’s lights flash red. Looking at the user’s guide for them it says that it is powered but not connected to the CAN Bus, however we have the wires soldered on and nothing has changed since moving it over. Additionally, the Pigeon is in the middle of the Talon SRX’s that we are using and we can see all of the Talons through the CAN Bus making me believe that it is a complete circuit. Help plz!


Have you checked the ctre tuner software to see if it is showing up on the can bus?


No, it was not showing up there. But we did end up getting it working :+1: