Pigeon IMU stuck in Boot Calibration

We’re having trouble with our Pigeon IMU. It intermittently (every couple hours or so) gets stuck in boot calibration mode and stops reading values (the LED’s strobe to one side instead of blinking evenly). The Pigeon is supposed to be in calibration mode for a couple seconds when it starts up (https://phoenix-documentation.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ch11_BringUpPigeon.html), but ours doesn’t leave the calibration mode. Sometimes, it enters calibration mode while the robot is already running. This has happened to both of our pigeons, so it doesn’t seem like a hardware issue. After restarting the robot a couple times, the issue seems to resolve itself.

Currently the pigeon is connected to a talon on last year’s robot, but we plan to attach it via CAN on our actual robot. We’ve updated all the talons, the pigeon, and the rio to this year’s CTRE libraries and firmware (4.13).

Has anyone else seen something like this? Or have any ideas of what could be causing it?

That sounds like the Pigeon reset during operation.

  • remove ribbon cable
  • inspect Gadgeteer port on both sides for metal debris.
  • replace ribbon cable to rule it out.

If it happens again, self-test the Talon that is connected to the Pigeon.
In the self-test you can see the “Disconnect Count”. That should be zero at all times.

Contact us directly if you are still having trouble.

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