Pigeon IMU stuck in boot calibration

We’ve been having constant problems with our pigeon. The heading is stuck at 0 and whenever we self test it in phoenix tuner we get a boot calibration error with error code 3 being thrown. There are no talon errors so the pigeon is being seen fine. We’ve tried replacing the pigeon, the ribbon cable, the talon it’s plugged into, the can id of the talon it’s plugged into, and making it it’s own device in the can loop. Oddly enough when we left everything alone overnight, it started working the next morning before it stopped about 5 min later. We’re hoping on any advice as to what could be causing this and any possible solutions.

We were having a similar problem with ours and this was due to the fact that we had the IMU mounted at 90°. The IMU must be mounted within 30° of flat with the ground. Don’t know if this is a thing for you guys.

Reaching out to CTR-E support is probably your fastest option to figure out your issue.

That sounds like it is not flat-and-level.

Pigeon must be reasonably flat to perform the boot-cal, which typically takes 4 seconds.

Look at the LEDs to determine when it finished boot-cal. When the LED blink pattern is symmetric (same on time on both LEDs) then its booted.

If it is asymmetric (1 second on one side, and quick on the other) - then it is still boot-caling. If it is taking more than 4 seconds then either

  • IMU is shaking/vibrating and gyro’s can’t calibrate

  • IMU is not mounted rigidly/tightly to the chassis

  • IMU is not flat-and-level (within ~30deg)

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Turns out, we’d moved it during boot cal, so it was taking forever to finish. we let it sit for about a half hour and that fixed it. Thank you

Boot-cal will not finish if IMU is moving during boot-cal. It needs ~4 seconds of flat-and-level no-motion.

This comment suggests you didn’t root-cause the issue.

  • Waiting 30min is not required for boot cal, The IMU needs ~4secs of no-motion after each power boot.
  • Waiting 30min does not impact future boot-cal events.

If the IMU needs more than ~4 seconds after boot to settle, then you need to determine why.
Please make sure the constraints I posted above (which are also in the Pigeon IMU users’s manual) are met.

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