Pigeon IMU

I was wondering if you can get linear acceleration data from a pigeon imu. That would be useful if you wanted to do something like updating odometry if you got bumped to the side.

Yes, the Pigeon includes an accelerometer.

I know, but from looking at the docs, I donā€™t see a way to get linear acceleration, only rotational

FYI, although I do not know what you are using accelerometer for, but do note that accelerometers are not every accurate. So if you are trying to use it for precise control, I recommend finding an alternative solution.

Using acceleration to get translational position requires a double integration. This does not work well due to the noise.


If you want to experiment with accelerometers the roboRIO has a couple built-in.

Thank you. I didnā€™t have a specific use in mind, I was just curious.

What Iā€™ve decided to do is use the pigeons ā€œgetRawAccelerometerā€ method, and then ā€˜double integrateā€™ it to get a rough xy position. then, it will detect when we are bumped and do a rough correction, while triggering a limelight to use vision to more accurately update the normal odometry xy to continue following the path.

edit its actually ā€œgetBiasedAccelerometerā€

Do you have documentation
on this?

Iā€™m using a pigeon, but I looked it up and found it here: https://docs.wpilib.org/en/latest/docs/software/sensors/accelerometers-software.html#


The BuiltInAccelerometer class (Java, C++) provides access to the roboRIOā€™s own built-in accelerometer:

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