Pillow block

well I haven’t seen a pillow to sleep in for a while so I thougt I would as a question about pillows that I can get. So we were wondering what you think the best type of pillow blocks to use. We heard that ball bearing ones arn’t good can anyone have any comments?

Are there any restrictions on where and what kind of pillow blocks a team purchases?

I don’t know if FIRST would consider a pillow block a bearing. If if does, then you’re good to go. Else, try Small Parts. It would be better to ask at the Yahoo forum, or wait for a better answer at ChiefDelphi… :smiley:

We consider the pillowblock to be a bearing, and used 10 of them last year. Instead of using the ones from the kit, we order them form McMaster-Carr, this year we have some form an entirely different company, Trans Torque(?) npot sure the exact naem, but ehy also supplied us with the sprockest that we needed, so all is well. Never have ahd a problem with pilloq blocks as bearing in the 3 years ive done it, especially since they are found in the Bearing Bag within the kit.

Pillowblock bearings seem legal to me.

As to something being wrong with ball bearing type, I don’t know what you mean.

I would definitely get the self aligning type rather than the ones that hold the bearing rigid with respect to the mounting surface – the spherical self-aligning features allow you to have the shafts mis-alligned a bit and not put too much stress back into the bearing.

Joe J.