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In case you haven’t heard (forgiveable), Taiwan was going to host the first ever FRC regional this year. As one of the first countries hit by COVID, that was obviously cancelled. However, Taiwan just passed 200 days without a local COVID infection and we are moving ahead with the regional! Due to FIRST and governmental suggestions, they are actually splitting the 28 teams into two separate competitions.

If you want to catch some live robot-on-robot action, tune in 8:00PM EST on Friday and the next day. We here in Taiwan are all super excited to get to play in-person.



I’m really excited for this. Will the match data be uploaded to TBA? It doesn’t look like there’s an event for it right now. Also, your twitch embed is misconfigured.

It will be on Blue Alliance, but I’m not sure exactly where. FIRST Updates Now is working with the ESUN Robotics Association to get it all figured out. The FTAs and Referees are all on-island and finishing up their quarantine period - we are all super excited!


I wish you guys the best of luck, I’ll be looking on jealously from İstanbul where things are nowhere near event-possible yet :frowning: I hope you all have a lot of fun!!! :slight_smile:


This is so awesome you guys will be able to host a pilot regional now, I’m in such a drought for watching matches that I’m almost watching 2015 ones.
Will you be uploading the matches to youtube?


I am SUPER excited for this competition that will be happening in like three minutes. Will there be a list of teams listed to know who will be competing each day?

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You mean like 1 week and 3 minutes? It’s Nov 7-8.


Sorry for the confusion, it’s Nov 7-8th.

The teams are all Taiwanese - I don’t have an exact list but I suspect they will be the same teams which signed up for the cancelled Science Park Taichung Regional {minus the Hawaiian Kids of course :frowning: } That list is on Blue Alliance. My school added a JV team which also will be competing.

I hope all the matches end up on YouTube, I’ll try to do some digging for info.


If FUN is helping with the stream, theres a solid chance they can help with that side too.

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The Science Park Taichung Regional was listed as an official event taking place March 5–8, 2020, bit is still marked suspended. Is this that event, or just an unofficial event taking its place? If unofficial, who is supporting it?


Here is the list of the teams that are competing along with which event they are assigned to.

I couldn’t find an English version but feel free to ask me if you need help with translating


Bask in the glory of Taiwanese team names. My favorite is “Welcome To Team”.


Team 8017 is my new favourite team.


If ever they want to come to America, I’ll pay their registration for SCRIW myself.


These team names are so cool I wanted to make our English names cooler. So I put all teams through Microsoft translator into Chinese and then back into English. A full list of all teams is here: translated team names.xlsx (211.1 KB)

Some of my personal favorites:

Team Number Translated Name
1 Big Mac
20 Rocket Man
111 Wildstein
115 Mwut
125 Nuts.
179 swampy child
225 The fire of technology
254 Cecile Povs
624 Cripnit
747 Unit.
1323 Madden Robot
1540 Turkey.
1918 CNC gears
2052 Nate Crowler
2054 Technology Vickers
2175 Battle computer
2177 The Lochte family
2471 Team average machine
2883 F.R.E.D (Combat Red Scarf Engineering and Design)
3604 Gon Team
3656 Fear of robots
3937 Separation.
4414 Climax.
4613 Buck’s red back

Shoutouts to my HS team Nate Crowler :slight_smile:


I am so pumped to see this game played again at any level. I miss robots.


@Brandon_Holley you really should just change to The Nuts


Blue Magpie is pretty good too…

First baseball and now FRC. :slight_smile: I’m still sad about loosing March Madness and FRC, in the same day.

Bad news. “Screw It!” does not appear to be an accurate translation of 8017’s Chinese team name.

玩樂高手 translates as “Lego Player”, if Google is to be believed.

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Apple translate (cause that’s apparently a thing now) says it means “a master musician”.

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