Pilot Simulator 2017

Team 900 and ZebraReality present Pilot Simulator 2017. Pilot Sim will allow your pilots to practice moving gears to their heart’s content in an entertaining and immersive environment. Never come to competition without having touched a gear again!

Created by Forrest_Hurley.

I heard you made all this on Samsung Galaxy Note 7s?

So where can I download this?

I am working on creating an executable which is compatible with both the Rift and Vive virtual reality systems. Unfortunately, it will not work with Gear VR unless you purchase a Note 7 and tape on a GTX Titan Pascal. Just tape; there should be no need to do any soldering.

Can you make a scary monster appear when a pilot sticks their hand through a PORT?

Neat! Maybe now I’ll actually have something interesting I can run on my Vive! :rolleyes:

Seriously though, are you planning to release this? If so, any idea when?

I really wish someone would just make a universal VR architecture that could work with any HMD, much like how game controllers/joysticks are. It would make things much easier for developers and expand choices.

I don’t think Gear VR compatibility would have much point TBH, without hand tracking there’s not really anything you can do in this kind of simulator.

Woo! 1000th post!

How about something along the lines of the desert in Beetlejuice?

I do plan to release this, ideally before our team’s first competition. However, I am also working on an extension focusing on driver practice which allows multiple drivers to drive robots at the same time in virtual reality, which may take more of my time.

Hey wait a minute! Zebrareality isn’t in Merriam Websters!

This is what you students have been up to instead of building a robot!

Seriously though, good work Forrest!

wait wait wait wait wait wait… WHAT.

You didn’t seriously think we spent 6 weeks playing with VR to create a human player simulator did you?

At this point, I’m expecting to be able to play an entire match of next year’s game in VR. We had fantasy FIRST, now we have virtual FIRST…

Back to Zebrality oops there goes gravity
I’ll see myself out…

Um…um…um…um Please give

I need this. :ahh:

I tried doing something like this years ago by modding a game, but the game didn’t have native joystick support and importing models was difficult so it proved impractical in the end…

Can’t wait to see how this comes out!

You guys are insane.

I love it.

No, those are going on the robot to power our LED rings. Integral battery makes it safe and legal.

This is how you’re supposed to set it all up. Hope it helps.

This is all wrong. You’re supposed to use a thesaurus, how else will your pilot know all the synonyms for joining rope?