Pilots Operating the Lift with Feet

I don’t see anything in the manual against operating the lift with your feet.

It might speed up the pilots if they need to turn 2 rotors during autonomous. I’m imagining the pilots stepping forward with one foot, hooking onto the lift handle with some strange shoes, and dragging the handle + foot backwards while kneeling down on the other foot. Then they can retrieve the gear and quickly stand up again, carefully unhooking their foot from the handle.

Watching the field tour videos, it seems very difficult for one person to simulataneously operate the lift, which has to be done while kneeling/squatting/etc, and also operate the rotors, which has to be done while standing up. One option is one pilot operates the lift and the other does the rotors, but using feet means one person can do it all, and each pilot can work independently.

This can be less safe, and is definitely a Q&A question. But, what do you think? Would using feet actually improve pilot speed? Is this safe enough to allow? Am I crazy? What other body parts can human players utilize? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, throwback to kicking the boulders into the field in 2016. :smiley:

Simply from looking at the field tour video of the airship, you’re probably going to have a hard time grabbing a round handle and pulling it up significantly with your foot.

Judging from testing we have done with a “vertically challenged” team member they don’t need to kneel/squat to use the lift however a slight hop was needed to engage rotor 1.