Pimp things you've done in FIRST

the title says is pretty well, so i won’t explain more

-i pulled 6 batteries and 3 chargers on a cart with only 2 wheels (it had 3 when i started pulling :rolleyes: )

-i charged a 12-volt battery to 14.02 volts

-i got the bandage on my sprained thumb autographed by Dave Lavery

-i started the FIRST Video Game, which you can help with by clicking the link in my signature :wink:

I broke a monorail in Disney my first year in FIRST.
I broke our drill motors last year.
I broke a gearbox on our robot.

(Oh wait, those are not pimp…:rolleyes: )
Darn it.

Well, wait… What is “Pimp” defined as?

well, pimp would generally be good things. :smiley: more specifically, things that are not commonly done or that are cool.

I rode our 2003 chassis down a hill, and popped a wheelie which caused the frame to skid along the pavement, creating a huge skid mark down the street. That, my friends, is pimp.

Used a standard FIRST battery with uncovered terminals while doing driver practice, having it touch the frame at just the right place when the robot turned quickly and bumped up a little (2003 robot), and dropping the voltage from 13V to .4V in a split second due to an interesting short.