Pimpin' our Bot Bumpers !?

We would like to add a team mascot emblem onto the long sides of our bumpers. The numbers would not be obscured nor would they be hard to read by staff or refs. The numbers would be white and the emblem would be outlined in white but printed inside in purple. Rule G28 does not address this other than refs and staff must unabigously be able to see team numbers during competition. Legal or not legal? Legit or not legit? Stupid question or not smart question?

You’ll want to look at R28 about that one.

Not sure if they are allowed but there is a coupon code in the KOP to get logos from this vendor:


Eek, no! The only logo allowed is the FIRST logo. Please read the rules carefully or you will be making modifications before you pass inspection, which will waste your time and make your robot look worse.

If y’all really want to have cool bumpers with a team logo, consider making a set of what are often referred to as “vanity” bumpers. My team makes them most years. They can be out of any fabric and have whatever logos or words you want (without being edgy I suppose). Other teams that do them include 118 and 148, personally I love the black on black look that 148 does.


There’s a whole lot of space on your robot for putting team and sponsor logos. Bumpers ain’t it.

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R28 and R29 are the specific rules for logos and allow only the FIRST logo comparable to the Virtual KOP. Please remember that teams are required to adhere to all bumper rules in Section 10.5.

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Please note that the vanity bumpers or show bumpers are typically use for display or demos, not competition.