Pinions for BAG motors

These guys have a 4mm shaft (unlike the 3.2mm 500 can shaft, 5mm 700 can shaft, .125" FP shaft, and 8mm CIM/mini-CIM shaft). So far the only COTS pinion solution I have found is to get the VexPro Versaplanetary Motor Mounting Kit, but I’m not sure what the tooth count/DP are, and it comes with a bunch of other mounting hardware.

Does anyone have a good source for standalone COTS pinions for these guys?


The motor mounting kit for the VersaPlanetary is not a gear. The VP has self contained sun gears and the mounting kit has couplers that couple to the VP input via a zero backlash coupler.

You can always drill and ream any of the .125" bore gears to work as a press fit for the 4mm.


Good to know. Yeah, we’ll ream out .125 or 3.2mm pinions as necessary, just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a COTS source for premade pinions that I was missing. Thanks.