Pink 233 Robot

still sort of a teaser… figured it was about time we got a video up here… pics of the real robot shall come tomorrow! :slight_smile:

I like the right angle drive in the roller claw. I’d like to see a pic of that. I also like that the video is 2:33 in length.

Awesome robot! Why am I not suprised I just said that.

What was the reason for raising the height of the pivot? Struture needed for minibot, or geometry for scoring game pieces?

We were stuck between a modification of your 2k7 design and revamping our 2007 design. I am glad we went with our design simply because there are a lot of the 233 2k7 bots out there.

I like the minibot deployment design. we thought of something like that, but could not get it to work properly.

Good luck guys!

Nice, can’t wait to see the Pink Team play. Especially since my team chose a similar design in arm. Though Pink’s claw looks a lot cooler :frowning:

Looks a lot like 40… good sign :slight_smile:

amazing minibot…

On the contrary, most would say 40 this year drew a lot of inspiration from 233. (Hence the name “Pinky”.)

ooo… good call. I missed their 07 robot. Now I recall them posting pics after kick off. I’m curious to see how their design changes play out :smiley:

Ouch. :slight_smile:

We have been working all day trying to reconfigure our minibot deployment system (MDS). In order to access and make adjustments, we had to disassemble our tower. We finished up most of the kinks tonight on our MDS and plan on finishing reattaching our arm tomorrow morning. We still have a lot of things to work on but for the FL regional, we feel that we will be competitive once the MDS is fully functioning.

Any updates - feel free to follow me on Twitter @GabeSalas

How’s that ramp system working for you? 190 has a similar design that we’re running this weekend, I’m curious to see how it stacks up!

…and I wouldn’t mind seeing a double ramp deployment in DC…:wink:

It works great once we have it attached to a pole (main issue with our MDS). The pole coating seems a bit different than the one we have practiced with. We had to make adjustments to the actual minibot to insure it stays on the pole once it hits the top (commits suicide during practice) so it runs a little slower than what our teaser video showed.

What can I say… Apparently I don’t obsess about FIRST enough.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

Either there will be a team update this week or 233 will win everything they go to this year. Or maybe both.

What was smoking in your match? The field looked almost completely dead that match.

You guys seemed a little slower than ususal, but I could not tell anything through the webcast.

wowwww i so cannot wait to see you guys in DC now!

fisher price on the tower rotate… no worries we got the bane bot on now!

and thank you everybody for all the excitment! We’re ready for a great day tomorrow, too!