Pink Team 233 - FIRST Reveal Ever!

This isn’t a joke, we finally have our first ever reveal video.

OMG! Its Pink…and it isnt Friday of Orlando…I dont know what to say.

Looks great guys; and it clearly is a Pink robot. (Yes it literally is pink, but it looks like a Pink-bot)

Great job guys! Impressive robot and a great video, especially for your first reveal :slight_smile:

When i saw the robot at first I was really hoping the shooter was on a telescoping arm :rolleyes: Looks great though

Very funny video. I love the omission of 2009. And wow, that innovative pneumatics system!

What exactly is so innovative about the pneumatic system?

It uses air.

Very happy to see that you guys are enjoying it!

We wanted to make it fun!

Fun = Innovative Pneumatic Systems and other labels!

Enjoy our Big Gas Robot!

Protective covering!!!

Didn’t your team do a reveal video in 2011?

Pink using a pivoting arm :ahh:
Who would have thought!?!

lol looks great guys!

The video link no longer works, but they did one in 2007:

Cool looking robot. Just hope you don’t get too used to having the ball placed right into your shooter :wink:

We have done videos before, but never as a ‘reveal’ video before a tournament. As the first poster mentioned, we usually don’t have the robot fully functional until Friday at our first regional :slight_smile:

Very sleek design, can’t wait to see y’all again at Orlando.

When I first saw the game, my immediate thought was a fusion of 1114 in 2008 and 233 in 2005. I’m so glad the masters of double sided pickup arms made this a reality.

This has got to be one of my favorite reveals this year! I’m always a sucker for a complete, but overall compact robot. If we see each other during competition, it will be at St. Louis. Best of luck Pinkies!

Here is the fixed link.

Back in the day when it was called Google Videos

very nice robot

p.s. the beginning is similar to 1574’s LOL

We can neither confirm, nor deny the extent of our past robots in term of completion before competition

It is innovative for us. We’ve never used pneumatics before, at least not since I joined the team in 2004.